About Me

I am

I am a wife, a mother to three, a daughter, and a sister. 
I am the owner of four cats and five fish.
I am the baker of bread and the maker of Special After School Snack.  
I am the one who nourishes all in my home, with love and lots of food. 
I am Italian, hence the abundance of food. 
I am the lover of hoodies and fuzzy socks, floppy slippers,
and thick, soft handmade granny blankets rescued from Goodwill stores. 
I am the drinker of too much coffee and not enough water. 

I am the quiet mornings while all my loved ones are gone for awhile. 
I am the the inhaler of the scent of the yeast as it awakens,
then the woman who smiles while fresh loaves of bread cool on the rack. 
I am a friend to some, and I've no wish to be acquainted with anyone new. 
I am the person who only leaves her home when she needs to, which has become rare.
I am unable to write like I used to.
I am mentally ill.
I am bipolar.
I am depressed.
I am manic.
I am a paradox.

I am the person who used to wish to change the world somehow. With lofty blog posts and self-righteous ideologies. With cumbersome outrage and ridiculous platitudes. Then one day everything was finally revealed to me, and it was ugly. So I make my bread and I nourish my family and every once in awhile I write something. But I will never be what I once was. Anonymity is more desirable than anything, I don't want you to know me anymore. Still, this blog remains, of all the things I have erased, this is something I still am clinging to. That, fellow readers, is called hope.


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