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I started writing Life as 5 sometime in 2010, and since then I've written over 400 posts for this blog. I've only left around 30 published for now, things are so different and so much isn't relevant anymore. I've gone silent for a long time, but I miss my blog and I miss my readers. So here I am, I've come back for another round of mayhem.

I live in the not in the least bit mean streets of a small town in Ohio, although the streets in my head are in shambles. I'm bipolar, I have major depressive disorder, an anxiety disorder, mild OCD, a pretty shitty immune system. Sometimes my head spins and I vomit pea soup. My memory is terrible and my writing skills have gone to hell along with important things I need to remember, like brushing my hair and that I'm not rich so goddammit Lindsay quit buying things when you're manic and quit writing run-on sentences...

I used to write about my kids and food and grief and mental illness. Those are the things I know.  In the few years my mental state sort of...rapidly declined.  But what you see here is someone who is still fighting, working, hoping, and crossing all their bits that I get through each day in one piece.  I want to share my days with you again, and I want you to share your days with me.  So let's catch up, or get acquainted. Either way, I'm happy we're here together.

The part of me that isn't slowly (quickly?) falling apart has started making jewelry. I'll tell you more about that when I yammer about how I got into it. You can see it @ facebook.com/designsbylindsaymarie


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