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  To begin, a note: I started writing this blog in 2010, and it has lived several lifetimes in it's five years. Well over 300 blog posts have been written, although most of them have been unpublished for personal reasons. I've only left what I consider somewhat relevant. Reading through my struggles, triumphs, and the incessant havoc that mental illness has wreaked onto my life, one can imagine the drivel that has been posted through the said time period. 

*About Me*

My name is Lindsay Roth, I have lived in a smallish town in Ohio my entire life and there isn't much to complain about, it's Ohio. Anyone who's lived in Ohio knows what the weather is like, so the ridiculous nature (quite literally) of what goes on around me just adds to my painfully normal, yet not at all normal life. I've been married for ten years to my Husbeast, we have 3 children, 4 cats, and 5 fish. Our oldest child, The Teenager, was a package deal, she came with the husband and she's who made me a mommy. The other two, eighteen months apart and forever known as The Babies I grew myself...although they did come out of the escape hatch.

I am mentally ill, very much. There is many illnesses in the mental area, I am bipolar 1, I have major
depressive disorder, this really interesting anxiety disorder, a dash of obsessive compulsive disorder, and I am a self-harmer.  I also have this delightful (nope) immune system.  I have a psychiatrist, my family, a box of medication, and my 15 year old cat Chloe to get me through each day.  That, and laughter.  I laugh everyday, because every day is absurd, even when my knees are buckled and i'm begging for salvation, I laugh.  That is the key to living through this.

I am also an artist and a jewelry designer. I make paper beads and I have my own business, Designs By Lindsay Marie. I have been focusing on my beads for about a year and haven't written much, but I am hoping to turn this into a place where I can share my journey, and my jewelry making.  I hope you join me.  -Lindsay

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