Guest Post-My Sister

My next guest blogger is my dear sister.  Everytime I read what she wrote, I cry.  I love you, sis!

My Sister

When my sister asked me to be a guest writer for her blog while she is on her much deserved vacation, I nearly panicked.

I look forward to each night, reading what my sister has shared- it seems to come to her with such ease. Most times she says things that I feel as well, especially when she talks about our family or lost loved ones.

So, here I sit, Housewives of New York City playing in the background, racking my brain with things to share. When the answer is clear- my sister is always sharing her thoughts and feelings about others- her children, her husband, her family members, hilarious things she observes- but never about how amazing she really is.

So here it goes...

To big sister, from baby sister-

A list of things I love, admire, and cherish about you:

1. Everything you are as a mother & wife. The indescribable love you show for your children. The sheer happiness on your children's faces when they see you walk in the room. I could not ask for a better role model.

2. The sacrifices you make for your family, that maybe I do not understand all the time, but respect.

3. The indescribable love you show to our nieces and nephew- knowing that one day you will show that same love to my children.

4. Your complete and utter honesty- the way you say things that I would never have guts to say.

5. Your ability to cook- but, not only to cook, but to create- I can see you looking in the pantry- coming up with something delicious in your head. Christian thanks you for sharing your recipes with me :)

6. Your amazing artistic ability that you keep hidden from others- that I used to envy so much when I was younger sitting in art class on Saturday mornings- that I still do envy.

7. Your ability to be my big sister- but, also my friend. The ease with which we sit and talk while sipping our cherished Starbucks in the morning. On that note- I never do understand how people say their sister is their best friend- I know that my sister is more than a best friend- MORE than that title, just something more.

8.....How we can be so different, yet so much alike. How we understand and know each other like no one else can. How sadness pangs in your heart, as it does mine, when you think of our lost grandparents. How much I love your children- and how much I see of you in their little faces. How we used to fight when we were young- but, how close we have become.

I feel like the list could go on forever. I just want you to know I love you, and look up to you in every way possible. You are an amazing big sister, wife, mother, writer...and the list goes on.

Guest Post-Sarah from This Writer's Journey

I'd like to thank Sarah from This Writer's Journey for taking the time to guest post on my blog while I'm off vacationing with my family! 

This Writer's Journey

Hello Lindsay’s followers! My name is Sarah the Writer and my blog is called This Writer’s Journey. I’m probably one of few non-moms whom Lindsay has met at voiceBoks but as a former kid and a current 20something who loves spending time with her family, I always have something to say :)

Actually, I haven’t even entered the working world yet. You see, I graduated from high school in 2005 and have been in college ever since! I just graduated from college in June, which for some reason seemed to be a bigger accomplishment than if I had graduated last year as planned. The only explanation I have for why it took this long is that I kept having to change majors. And each time I did, it was reluctantly but after a lot of consideration.

My “major” journey started when I was 12, when I first decided I wanted to be a writer. In high school, when I was starting to plan for college, I knew this plan meant that I would be an English major. However, my senior year, I started to think realistically (I do that often when watching TV and movies nowadays) and realized that I needed a backup plan just in case I couldn’t find a publisher or my books wouldn’t sell very quickly. So I decided that in college I would major in English Education. After all, many of my favorite teachers had been my English teachers. To keep with my dream of being a writer, I could minor in Creative Writing. Perfect fit, right?

Wrong! At my college, part of the English Education program is to take the same literary analysis classes that English majors have to take. And during my first quarter of these classes, I discovered that I’m horrible at analyzing literature. Granted, it didn’t help that I took three of those classes in one quarter, but I’m not sure that was the only factor. Still, I knew I had to change my major.

It didn’t take me long to decide to change majors (it couldn’t have – I only gave myself the three weeklong Winter Break between quarters to decide). The thing is, I was almost done with the required professional education courses and I didn’t want those to go to waste. So I decided to change to Elementary Education. I had always liked working with kids and the thought of teaching high schoolers intimidated me (specifically the image of a big football/basketball player coming up to me and wondering why he has to read a book he can’t relate to. To me, this was scary). Fortunately, I was able to keep my minor.

The change worked – for a while. Sure, I hit some bumps, especially when I was required to actually teach (for some strange reason, I thought it was going to be easy. Experience is the best teacher). Then came student teaching.

Student teaching was fine at first. I got along with my cooperating teacher and I taught fairly well. But as the weeks went on, the stress and lack of sleep got to me. Then, in the middle of the quarter, I met with my teacher, my supervisor, the school’s principal, and the director of field experiences from my college. They had all observed me teaching and they all decided that I wasn’t yet ready to be a teacher.

I cried for days, thinking that I would never graduate. Then, a family friend of ours suggested that I talk to my college’s career services, take some interest inventories (kind of like personality quizzes, only they also list possible careers that match up with the personality), and decide what I should do next.

So I did, and while the inventories did suggest that teaching was for me, some of the other information – like that I process questions and information – lined up with what I was told on my last day of student teaching. After weeks of thinking (like I said – processing information), I decided to change majors AGAIN, back to English, this time with a focus on writing. Because my Creative Writing minor overlapped with the major too much, I had to drop it. The plus side of the minor was that I had already finished half of my new major. All I had to take was a few required classes and some professional writing classes. I finished them this past spring and was able to walk at commencement on June 11.

So as you can see, it was a long journey to wear that crimson cap and gown. Now, like many other college graduates over the past few years, I’m unemployed and searching for work. I do still like working with kids so I’m hoping to get a job as a Para educator (also called a teacher’s assistant) or an administrative assistant – two positions I’ve volunteered at or had as a student (respectively) and enjoyed, not to mention was good at. But for now, I search for jobs, spend time with family, and hang out online while catching up with my crime/cop dramas.

Once again, Thank you Sarah!  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Real Mommy Awards

So, I was awarded the Blog on Fire award yesterday. 


Because I'm awesome, that's why!


Anyway, I love that we're able to award and recognize our fellow bloggers whom we like and admire. 

What we need are some real life awards!  To, y'know, make us feel special, and to help us refrain from banging our heads on the wall.

I've created a few awards, and I pass these bad boys on to any mama who can relate. 

Cheers to real life!

Happy Friday!

It's a Major Award!

Guess what?  Someone likes me. 

Yep, that's right, ME. Not. Kidding.

I have proof:

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

The darling Mandi from Smile and Mama With Me  has awarded me the Blog on Fire Award.  Much thanks to my fellow smokin' awesome bloggy amigo!  Go visit her blog and say hello.

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me and pass it on to 10 blogs that light me on fire...

7 more things about me? Yikes. Is there anything left? 

1. When I'm bored I search through message boards on BabyCenter and Facebook Pages looking for extra crazy people.  Lindsay loves the crazy.  If someone is paranoid, rudely religious, obsessed with making other people breastfeed, or convinced of anything to the point of arguing, then I'm entertained for an afternoon.  I'm like a Succubus that gets nourishment from bat-shit crazy people.

2. When I worked retail my favorite part of the job was when I got to tell someone they couldn't return something.  I never felt bad.  I still don't, people out there whoms spirits I crushed.  Yeah, I'm talking to you man at Spencer's who screamed at me because you couldn't return your freaking fog juice.  Now I'm pissed all over again.  I hope something shits in your mouth tonight!

3. I enjoy a well placed run-on cuss word.  Like: you son-of-a-bitchin-whore-face-piece-of-shit-spider!  (said whilst sweeping said monster spider up in the vacuum)

4. My dear, sorely missed Grandma Virginia taught me a rhyme when I was little. "When I die, bury me, hang my balls from a cherry tree"  She also used to give us rug burns and told me once this man was "pussy whipped."  She was always made up perfectly, could cook like no one's business, and kept a spotless house.  Rock and roll.

5. I was horribly ugly when I was a youngster.  I have pictures to prove it. 

6. I danced to a Kenny Rogers song with my husband at our wedding.  And no, it wasn't The Gambler.  It was "There You Go Again."  He picked it.  He is weird, but I love him anyway.

7.  I think chocolate diamonds are incredibly ugly.  There, I said it. I feel better.

Now, onto the 10 blogs!

Amanda @ Blinded by the Light -She owns the fire!
Kathy @ My Dishwasher's Possessed -Pure awesomeness.
Megan @ Our House of Pink -She's a lovely gal!
Meghan @ Monkeys and Pickles -New bloggy mama-working on that fire!
Andrea @ Confessions of a First Time Mommy -Also a new Blogging mama!
Cynthia @ Mommied Life by Cynthia, My Life as Mom -Love this girl!
Mandi @ Boredom Busting Mom -Seriously cute blog.  Seriously.
MommySankey @ Surviving Motherhood -Great, relatable blog!
Cynthia @ Married Life by Cynthia, Happy Wife, Happy Life -She's on here twice, she's that cool. 
Taylor @ Duely Noted - Another cute 'ol blog!

Once again, thank you to Mandi from Smile and Mama With Me !  I am going to go boss around everyone in my house now, because I won an award and that makes me important.

I Keep you With Me

I stand at the sink sudsing up the dishes, radio cranked up.  A song comes on that reminds me of you.  I find myself staring out the window, hands paused, and heart stilled.  So many memories, my dear friend, I live with everyday.  So many times we saved each other from ourselves.  With the twisting and turning of our lives I find myself here without you. It was always you who made me laugh, you were like a second skin.  You knew more about me than anyone, and you loved me anyway. 

The early days, when we first met.  I remember sitting on the counter at Subway, fascinated by your life. The instant ease of our friendship, the give and take. How did we go from there to here, no longer together? How does a friendship deteriorate after so many years?  Was it you, was it me...fate?  Does it matter anymore?  How many heartbreaks did we see each other through, in the end you ended up being one of my biggest. 

I told Bobby the other day, I miss you. I really do, but I remember how far apart we are. Two different lives, shouldn't matter but it did.  It was you, all those nights, laughing and talking and crying.  And now it's not you, it's as easy and as complicated as that.

Remember the booze crashing down the stairs, water fights, late night phone calls. Endless packs of cigarettes in the early morning hours, crazy videos, cookies and milk.  Mattresses dragged into the living room, Shakespeare in Love, homemade salsa. The bars, the boys, the trip to Dayton.  Running from your fish, Denny's in the middle of the night, your giant white couch.  Where did it all go?  Into my memory bank and tear ducts.

How do I let go of you?  That is the lesson I am learning right now.  With anger or regret, fond memories or wistful moments in the kitchen?  A life lesson not taught, how to process the end of the deep love of friendship without losing a part of yourself.  Because I have lost a part of myself, a hole I cannot fill no matter how much I try.

How do I say, without you I would not be me?  Without you I wouldn't have discovered who I could be, how many nights and days and nights all blur together of us talking, mapping out our lives, philosophers on the couch.

Yet, this must be the way life is supposed to happen.  If we believe our paths will lead us straight and true, then what comes what may we deal with, as it is handed to us.

Are you ever frozen by those songs, and laugh at the memories?  Maybe is was Memphis, but there is no Arizona, right?
There is just me, left alone with my memories.  There's just me, without you, my lost friend.

Someday many years from now
We'll sit beside the candles glow
Exchanging tales about our past
And laughing as the memories flow
And when that distant day arrives
I know it will be understood
That friendship is the key to live
And we were friends and it was good.
-Eileen Hehl

Hopelessly Devoted

I sit here beside you, my dear baby boy, and watch you.  You are fiercely battling a stomach virus, and we have been in bed for an entire day.

You have finally found a restful sleep.

I study your long lashes laying on slightly pinked cheeks from a fever that refuses to loosen it's grip.  You are beautiful, even in the midst of sickness.

There is nothing in the world I want more than to make you feel better, I spoon water in your mouth, I hold you while you sweat and shiver.  I comfort you when you cry, I change the sheets and wipe cool cloths on your forehead.

I spent a whole day not seeing your smile, and it was like clouds over my sunny day.  When you finally laughed a little bit ago, the clouds parted. As we lay here, mismatched pillowcases and a blanket dragged in from the couch, Mommy prays the worst is over for you. 

Daddy called all day because he was worried about his boy.  Mommy's heart broke a little bit when he came home from work and saw you.  I know he wanted to gather you in his arms and rock you, but he had baby girl and big sister to take care of.  We hate when anyone of you are sick.

There is no way for me to explain how much I love you.  Every moment of everyday you are what fills my heart.  There is nothing for me but you, and your sisters. Without you I am nothing.  . 

I can only offer comfort and my love, and I know you will be sick untold times as you grow.  I don't know how many of those sicknesses I will get to hold you in my arms like I did when you were a baby. 

I hope you awake tomorrow with your sunny smile and boundless energy. 

I hope sometime tomorrow you look at me and smile. 

I hope you run over and hug me, just because.

I hope one day you know, even in the midst of illness, how much you light up the darkness.

Now sleep, my dear one, while Mommy watches over you. 

I love you my dream come true, I'm hopelessly devoted to you.

"When I walk, I walk with you. Where I go, you're with me always."

-Alice Hoffman

Blogger Spotlight - My Dishwasher's Possessed!

This week's Blogger Spotlight is one of my very favorite bloggers, Kathy from My Dishwasher's Possessed!

Yay for 100 followers celebration cakes!  

Kathy posts once a week on Sunday nights.  I love and always look forward to seeing what she writes! Here's our quick interview:

1. How long have you been blogging?
I started my blog in November 2010, on which is the website for Family Circle Magazine. I was getting some really nice feedback so I decided to take the plunge and start my own site on blogspot in January.

2. How did you choose you blog name?
I was starting my site at the same time we bought our brand new dishwasher. The silly thing would light up and make a beeping sound at all hours of the day and night. Of course when the repairman came it worked perfectly. Then that night it started again. When I called to report it once again I was asked what the problem was and I said "it's possessed" which made them laugh and send the guy right out!! One sleepless night I woke my husband, who is an editor by profession and asked him what did he think of calling my site "My dishwasher's possessed", he laughed and said it worked.

3. What inspired you to start blogging?
I had been wanting to write about our families experience with special needs for a while, but I was always so crazed. When our youngest child started kindergarten it freed me up a bit.

4. What post are you most proud of?
I did a post about watching the Royal Wedding with my daughter, Passing Along My Dream. I liked how I was able to touch on Lizzy's issues without dwelling on them.

5. What post is your least favorite?
I'm not sure about that one. Each one is special in it's own right. Since I only post once a week I really work on each essay. Each essay has things in it that I love, and each one has something in it that makes me go, I probably could have said that better!

6. What is your favorite blog/blogger?
This is such a hard question. I read and really enjoy so many. Of course you and Life as Five is one I never miss. Grumpy Grateful Mom is one blog that always make me laugh and I want to be Mom in Rome - Baby in Rome!!!

7. What subject won’t you blog about?
I make a really big effort to be personal without being private. I would never share anything that would embarrass myself or anyone in my family. Anytime I mention my family I make sure that the person knows about it and is more than 100% comfortable with me sharing it. Again, posting once a week really helps in preventing me from posting something in anger. Also, my husband edits my posts, so that if there was something he did not want me to share I would not. I really see the blog as a family project of sorts and everyone has to be okay about what I'm sharing.

8. What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic?
Coming up with an idea every week!! Many times I will beg my kids for ideas, also I will hit my friends up for suggestions. I no longer ask my husband because he always answers the same way "Why don't you write about our family"!

9. What is the ultimate goal for your blog?
I'm not really sure where I'm headed with it. I would like to write professionally and for the blog to get the biggest audience possible. I would love to write a book someday, but right now I'm taking it one day at a time. I never in a million years thought I would be a mommy blogger. I am the least technical person in my family and my circle of friends. That makes this all the more funny!

10. What do you want people to take away from reading your blog?
That life can be fun and funny even when the world seems to be falling apart.

Do yourselves a favor and pay My Dishwasher's Possessed a visit.  You won't regret it.

Kathy, thank you for being such an awesome bloggy friend, and thanks for letting me share you with my readers!

Bad Mommy!

When my little man gets mad at someone, he will tell them to "leave this house right now!"

Tonight, we were doing our bedtime dance, y'know:

Run after kids, capture whichever one falls over a toy first
Get off old diaper and clothes
Chase now naked child around the house
Attempt to diaper which ever child you can grab
Get kicked in the gut and/or boob area
Wrestle diaper onto spinning, writhing, hysterically laughing child
Have husband wipe sweat from your brow
Get one child diapered and pajama-d
Get other child diapered and pajama-d
Turn around to see first child has removed all clothing and diaper
Chase naked child through the house

And so on and so forth.

After we had duct taped the children into their jammies and got Ellie nestled into her crib for the night it was Noah's turn.

Noah was not pleased.

He screamed for me to "GET OUT!"

So I did.  I walked out the front door.  For about two seconds, which was the opposite of what I should have done, which was sit there and let him bitch me out.

There was wailing, followed by ten minutes of me reassuring him I wasn't leaving him.  Then he wanted Daddy. who had to also take time to convince Noah no one was leaving.  He then got my traumatized son into bed, who started wailing for me again.

Bob calls, "get in here and fix this before his head explodes"

A few more minutes of kisses, hugs, reassurances, and raspberries on the belly and he was back to normal.

Note to self, don't do that again, dumbass.

Mommy did an oopsey...

Guess Noah getting upset when I walked out the door is better than him yelling, "and stay out, you dumb bitch!"

His name is Chloe...

Old pic. Me likey my kitty.

My boy cat has a girl name. Chloe Louise. I call him Chloe de Ballsac when the kids aren't around so he feels more manly. 

Chloe and Emily are both eleven.  Difference is, of course, she's a spaz and he's more like a pants pulled up to the armpits-black socks and sandals kind of eleven.

When Bob and I moved to our first apartment we weren't allowed pets.  I was sad to leave Chloe with my parents, but I wanted the apartment.  A few months after we moved in, Bob sat me down on the couch and made me close my eyes.  When I opened them there was a brand new litter box,  food dishes, and other cat paraphernalia.  He had made a deal with the landlord, and Chloe was coming to live with his mama.

My husband rocks.  I believe I've mentioned that before

Of course, our tiny apartment made it interesting for litter box placement.  Bathroom was too small. Bedrooms were out.  Nothing says romance for newlyweds like cat pee smell, eh?  I refused to have it in the kitchen, that gave me the willies.  So, it went in a corner in the hallway. 

Nothing like walking down the hallway and locking eyes with your cat while he's taking a pooper. 

Chloe circa 2005, in first apartment.  Riding the catnip train.
He'll  cut a bitch.

Chloe has a few quirks, he's afraid of big spiders and thunderstorms.  He loves straws, q-tips, and he will get in the bathroom cupboard or a purse, and get a tampon.  He'll wrestle the wrapper off, separate the cotton from the applicator, and then toss it around for hours.  It's not awkward at all explaining this to people who don't know this fun fact when you come upon a tampon laying in the living room. 

He's my protector (in his mind).  He sleeps with me most nights, and if he hears a suspicious noise he puts himself between said noise and me. Chloe's a badass.

He sleeps next to me. Bob and I are three deep most nights, sometimes there's a kid or two and a cat. We need a bigger bed. 

He loves chips and dip. 

He hung out with me when I was stuck in bed for a few weeks at the beginning of my pregnancy with Noah.  We watched movies, ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chatted.  Well, I chatted, he just listened while patiently waiting for me to finish my cereal so he could have the milk.  Typical male.

Chloe's been through lots of babies. He's not a fan.  Every time we bring a new one home he rolls his eyes and walks away.  For some reason he lets Elise give him hugs and squeal "kitty" in his ear.  Even he can't resist her cuteness.

He's been a great companion.  He has a bit of a lower spine issue, and I thought we were going to lose him a few times.  He's still kicking, though.  I love my little guy.

Here's to you, Chloe de Ballsac!

Chloe this morning.  He's just pretending to be irritated.

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*And there's only TWO days left to vote for Life as 5 at Circle of Mom's!  The links at the top of the page.  Thanks for your support.  I love you guys!

You're in my heart, you're in my soul

My friend asked me in an email the other day what was best and worst thing about parenting.

I told her the best and the worst thing was the same, the soul wrenching love you have for your children.

When I had Noah I was so out of it from the cesarean, but the moment I saw him I will never forget. I felt the doctor pull him from my body, and when he cried out; my whole body started shaking uncontrollably. I responded instantly to his distress on some primal level. When I read about women not bonding with their children after C-section I cannot relate. I became all of his the instant I heard him, and he became mine. Forever entwined.

The first time I saw Noah’s eyes, I was lost forever. His big, blue eyes staring into mine took my breath away. The moment I saw him was the moment I’d been waiting for my whole life. Tears of joy leaked from my eyes, and my gut clenched. It felt like I was ripping in two, into joy and fear. How could I be so happy and so scared at the same time?

As I held his tiny body in my shaking arms, all I could see was his Daddy’s face. I drank in every feature, memorizing his little wizened face. He looked like a tired old man, and it made me laugh. He was beautiful, with his little cap of blond fuzzy hair and long fingers.

Seeing my husband hold him, the joy in his face filled my heart was breathtaking. The love in Bobby’s eyes for Noah mirrored mine. Our unending love for one another was in Bob's arms, blinking sleepily and rooting around for nourishment. I gave my husband a son, and he gave me one of the loves of my life.

Bobby and his Mini Me.

These past years have taught me everything about love. I have three children, each one unique, each one imprinted on my heart for all my days. I became a mother three times, and each time I became less of myself and more of their mommy. There is no stopping this love of mine; it overflows every day, into everything I do. It is soul wrenching, definitely. Becoming a mother changed everything I ever believed in.

These babies are in my heart, in my soul.

Interview with Flightless Goose Author Eric D. Goodman

What a fun day we're going to have today, dear readers!  I'm sure you remember my posts about Flightless Goose.  Well, today is the day the author, Eric D. Goodman,  is stopping by my blog for an interview and a chat in the comments section! 

Thank you, Mr. Goodman, for taking the time to chat about your great book today!

1. What would you like your readers to take away from Flightless Goose?

First and foremost, Flightless Goose is meant to be an entertaining story children can enjoy. But there are some important lessons that will hopefully touch them, too. Primarily, that we should treat others with respect, even if they are different, and that we should never pick on other people. Also that we should focus on positive strengths rather than weaknesses. And that anyone can make a difference.

2. Along with teaching children about tolerance, what other lessons do you hope resonate with young readers?

In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, I also hope children take away the notion that it's okay to be different and that in one way or another everyone is different. And that no matter what your situation, you can succeed.

3. Will we be sharing anymore adventures with Gilbert?

Hopefully so! The childrens' book Nataliya and I are working on now has an entirely different cast of characters and may be a few years before that's ready for publication. But after that, we hope to share another adventure with Gilbert. He may go to school, or perhaps on vacation.

4. Flightless Goose is inspired by a goose you observed in real life. Has the real life Gilbert attempted to come after you for any royalties? I hear geese are fickle like that.

So far, the real Flightless Goose seems satisfied with high-end bread crumbs. Fortunately, he doesn't see much value in money.

5. Were you wanting the book to be read to my children over and over and over and over? Because that's what happened. Not that I'm complaining, as I enjoy it, too. I'm just wondering...

That's exactly what we want! We would like for Flightless Goose to be the kind of book that children (and their parents) want to revisit again and again. I'm happy that Gilbert has found his way into your hearts.

6. Are you working on any more children's novels?

Not yet, but hopefully soon. We've been thinking about ways in which Gilbert's friends can help him return south one winter. But at school events, children often ask for a book about him visiting school. So ...

7. I see you have a novel coming out, Tracks, and it sounds fabulous. Can you tell my readers a little more about it?

I'm really excited about Tracks, which just came out on Thursday and has gotten great reviews so far! Tracks is a novel in stories set on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago. Each chapter is a stand alone story about a passenger on the train. But they link together as the passengers connect and touch one another in meaningful ways. A side character in one story is a main character in another, and they're seen differently by different passengers.

The New York Journal of Books just gave it a nice review today; you can see it at

And you can learn more about Tracks, listen to radio readings, read excerpts, and even get a copy at

8. I'm thinking about writing a book. I'm pretty good at brooding and looking pensive, what kind of book should I write?

Sounds like maybe you should write Tracks, a novel in stories. But since that's already done ... how about "Life as Five: The Novel?"

Help me welcome Mr. Goodman to my blog today, and make sure you check out Flightless Goose, and Tracks!

Book Review-To Be Perfectly Honest

To Be Perfectly Honest by Phil Callaway has an interesting premise. Live an entire year without telling a lie.

Mr. Callaway shares his year in this book, in 365 journal entries. Short little bursts of insight into his life and the challenge of always being truthful. Does he make it an entire year never telling a lie? No. Who would? The attempt to, the honesty and humor he uses, is heartwarming and engaging. Whether he's questioning the music choices at his church, or pretending to be deaf when Mormons come to his door, this book will make you chuckle, and reflect. To Be Perfectly Honest is a fast, fun, easy read, and it shows us just how tough (and funny) honesty can be.

This part of the epilogue is interesting, and reflects best what I, as a reader, got out of this book.

"And finally, after completing a year of truth-telling, I'm much more aware of my flaws and weaknesses. Tabulating one’s own sins causes the faults of others to fade in significance, so I'm learning the joy of scratching a little deeper beneath the surface of God's grace. What I've found is that there is a God who smiles, a God who still loves me. With his help, I've decided to extend the deadline on this truth vow another fifty years."

*I recieved this book from the publisher in exchange for a review, all opinions expressed are my own.

A Book Review- Misfit by Jon Skovron

Misfit by John Skovron is about Jael, a teenaged girl who’s different from the other kids. Jael’s different, because she’s half demon. Always moving around with her distant ex-priest/ex-demon slayer father, and not knowing anything about her mom, she has kept her demon side a secret from those around her. Fulfilling a promise he made to her mother, when Jael turns sixteen her father gives her a necklace. And that’s when the secret she’s lived with her whole life, and secrets her father has kept come to light.

I really liked this book. Jael is a likeable heroine; she knows she is half-demon, which is refreshing after so many other clueless-about-one’s-true-nature paranormal YA novels. She has a crush on a boy her own age, but he isn’t the catalyst that drives her, again, is a nice change from conventional YA books. I also enjoyed the flashbacks about her parents, and found their story to be as interesting as Jael’s. With a few other colorful characters thrown into the mix, and a new take on mythology to play with, I would definitely encourage you to read Misfit.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.