The Finer Points of Me

One fun thing I've noticed about getting older, and hopefully wiser, is the ability to hone in on all the weirdness about myself.  And then promptly blame my parents. 

Everyone is weird. Admit it.  It's when you catch yourself doing something, or observe something about yourself that's strange, you realize you're nuts.

Maybe it's just me. 

Here's one: I pick at my kids...and my husband.  Not nitpick, actually pick at them.  My blue eyed, blond-when-he-hasn't-shaved-his-noodle-husband has been known to forget the sunscreen and get a sunburn.  It's game on when he gets peel-y.  Yeah, it's gross.  I don't accost strangers on the street when they have hangey skin, so I'm not over the edge.  I'm also not the only one in my family who does this (STACEY) so I know I'm not alone in my yuckiness.

Let's see, what other goofy shit about that I'll admit to?  Hmmm....

I make Em or Bobby cut the tops of Popsicles in another room.  Hearing scissors against ice makes me shiver.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  I can barely type this.  AUGHHH...

I listen to soft rock when I type my blogs.  It gets my "mediocre writer" juices flowing.

I run down the basement steps.  I'm pretty sure that's what's going to end me.

I cannot think of another way to word "that's what's going to end me"  even though it sounds terrible, because my son is beating me with a Woody doll and Woody's horse.

I think "non-traditional" guys are hot.  Like Kevin Spacey.  Woot. 

Meatloaf's right you know.  Two out of three ain't bad.

The more I write tonight, the more I realize I sound like a lunatic. 

Anyone else yell at the computer when they read about someone being stupid?

Sometimes I catch myself standing staring off into space when the kids are taking a nap.  Then I feel like some kind of MomDroid that was powered down until I'm needed again.

I get irrationally angry when someone calls me to complain...doesn't matter what it's about.

I can't wait until I'm older so I can grab my knees and mutter about "feeling like rain's coming."

I suffer from Catholic Guilt.

Maybe that's what's wrong with me? 

I should write a book called "How to Lose Friends and Alienate Readers"

I'm a Weed

I have a weed problem.  I can't keep up with them.  They are running rampant through my flower beds.  Every day there are more.  Each time I pull them, they seem to come back bigger, and stronger. Aggravating, they are.


I'm like a weed, though. 

I'm not welcome in the carefully tended beds.

Sure, I pop in now and again. Try to fit in with the Iris's and the Black Eyed Susan's, but inevitably, I get yanked.

Sometimes I get tired of being pulled away, out of the pretty flower beds.  They have it easy. 


I don't belong there. 

I can't be me, in all my weed-e-ness, around those bitches. 

Flowers, though...they are kind of weak.  They need someone to take care of them. 

Weeds, on the other hand, they are hard to tame.  No matter how many times they are told they are not welcome, they just keep coming back.



They grow like a son-of-a-bitch.

Maybe that's why there are more weeds than flowers.

They have the will to grow, to flourish, no matter what stands in their way.


I've said a lot of bad words the last few days...
Like "dammit!"

"What the hell?"

and "Oh for shits sake!"

For the sake of shit go I.

Noah punched me today. We were laying in my bed this morning watching cartoons.  He gets close to my face, smiles, and just pops me right in the kisser. After I quelled the instinct to give him a right hook in response, I grabbed my mouth and yelled "what the shit?!"  He thought that was hilarious...

Ellie bitch slapped me today.  Snuggled into the chair, my girl and I.  She, sucking her thumb, I browsing through the psychotic posts on Babycenter.  All of a sudden, she rears back and smacks me, right across the face.  I, of course, look at her and say, "what the hell was that for?"

She says nothing.  Just eyeballs me for a moment, and goes back to her thumb.

My children are keeping their pimp hands strong.

My children are all fake tattooed up.  I have a mini motorcycle gang roaming the house. 

My 19 month old daughter bent over yesterday in the driveway, grabbed her tiny ass, and said "da butt."

I, on top of my lengthy vocabulary of bad words, also have a cache of almost bad words.



"friggity frig"


I, apparently say "sha-poopy" a lot.  My daughter, niece, and the girls I watch sing it, "Sha-poopy SHA-pooopy poopy poopy poopyyyyyy"

Now Lindsay, you say, that is no way to raise your children.  One must watch their language, and model perfection in all things, at all times. Children learn from us.  

Yeah, no shit!


Flightless Goose

Hey there, dearest readers of mine!  As I mentioned before, on

*July 6th*

Eric D. Goodman will be here for an interview and a chat in the comment section of my blog.  How cool is that??  So stop on over that day to ask the author some questions!

This is a great book. My kids love it, I have read it a lot to the little ones since I've received Flightless Goose. 

Meet Gilbert, a goose who loves to play with his friends. One day, Gilbert loses the ability to fly.  At first his friends treat him nicely, but then the other geese start to bully him...until they need his help and he ends up saving the day!

This is a great story to share with your children, and it helps teach them tolerance and what true friendship is all about.

My oldest is reading it to Noah and Ellie again as I type this.  I'm not complaining, though.  Read, on Em!  

Frozen in Time.

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.
 -Edward de Bono

Throughout our lives, so many moments pass by in a blur.  Then there are the moments that seem frozen in time.  No matter how old we get, no matter how many years pass those memories are clear and true. 

Have you ever remembered something, remembered it so vividly you get that rush, that pang you felt way back when? 

Everybody remembers their first real kiss, the butterflies when you realized what was about to happen.

I remember sitting with my best friend in her car, waiting for the guys to go on break so we could flirt with them, laughing.  Always laughing.

I remember the very first time I laid eyes on my husband, I felt this weird zing, and got a little lightheaded.  I think I was being shot by cupid. 

I remember the first time I saw Emily, this tiny girl in a stroller.  She had a scowl and a head full of curly hair. 

Sitting on Bobby's bed when my Mom called to tell me my Grandpa Dilas died.

When I held my niece for the very first time, and saw my brother's eyes blinking back at me.

Standing with my dad, right before I walked down the aisle to my husband, shaking with nerves, and him patting my hand and telling me it was OK. 

Walking into my Grandpa Mario's hospital room, knowing I was never going to see him again.  

When I held Noah for the first time, and all my dreams came true. 

Looking out the waiting room window at the hospital, belly heavy with Ellie, knowing my grandma was down the hall dying, just weeks before I was due, and I couldn't handle saying goodbye.  

Watching my sisters husband's face when he saw her walking down the aisle. 

The first time Noah told me he loved me.  

The first time Ellie told me she loved me. 

There are so many more....

I am blessed with an abundance of prolific memories, all momentous in their own way.  I'll never forget how I felt during these moments in time. 

What moments are frozen in time for you?

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
 -The Wonder Years

An interview with my daughter

How does it feel to be turning 11 on Monday? 

-Hmmm...I don't know...exciting?  I don't know...

What would you like for your birthday? 

-Ummm...a hamster.  Ummm...I know you would say no to it but...a laptop and a phone.  A dog, or a kitten.  Did I already say hamster?  An iPad...umm...I don't know I think that's it.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

-Our big vacation to Columbus. Having Katie and Natalie over.

What's your favorite song?

-My favorite song...You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

What do you think about starting middle school this year?

-Kind of nervous. I'm excited and nervous...and I look forward to seeing all my friends again, and new friends.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

-A professional soccer player or a clothes designer.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

-Mmm...I would go to...hmmm...I would go to Italy.  I take that back. Hawaii.

What's your favorite thing to do with our family?

-Go out to places. Watch movies on movie night. 

What should we name our dog when we get one?

-Umm..well if its a boy and it's a wiener dog we should call it Oscar Meyer Wiener and if it's a girl and it's a wiener dog, we should name it Weinette.

What if it's not a wiener dog?

-Umm we should call it Snickerdoodle.

What do you think Mommy does that is funny?

- I don't know. Let's see. I don't know, it's not on top of my head.  What you said on the last day of school, when I came home, and you said, "now I don't have to go to the bathroom in a hurry, before the kids kill each other."

What should we get your dad for Father's Day?

-Is that a question?  I don't know. I don't know what he likes, well maybe a new Wii game.  Perfume.  I mean cologne.  I think that's it.

What's your favorite outfit to wear?

-A tank top, shorts, and flip flops.

Where's your favorite place to eat?

-Golden Corral...and Hog Heaven.  

What's your favorite food Mommy makes?

-Hmm...meatloaf...tator tot casserole, mac and cheese.

What's makes you mad?

-When my siblings are being bad.

What makes you happy?

-When I'm with my family.  Going places with my friends.

She makes me laugh.  She giggled the entire time.  Love her!

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser is a sweet, endearing novel. Set in the Depression era, with two likeable main characters, Perri and Dobbs, the story combines poverty, friendship, family secrets, and faith.

Perri, a well off girl in Atlanta, suffers a family tragedy. Dobbs, a preacher's daughter from Chicago, comes to live with her Aunt.  At first, Perri isn't interested in a friendship with the independent, and passionate Dobbs.  Not long into the novel, the girls begin to lean on one another for support.  Both girls have a lot on their shoulders, and with the power of friendship and faith in God, they learn how to live their lives with grace and love.

The Sweetest Thing is full of interesting characters, and an attention grabbing storyline.  Elizabeth Musser depicts life in the 1930's quite vividly, and makes you root for a happy ending for both Perri and Dobbs. 

*I recieved this book from Bethany House Publishers for review.  All opinions are my own.

Flightless Goose

I was excited when I got my mail, to see I had received my copy of Flightless Goose by Eric D. Goodman!

Why am I so excited?  Because on July 6th Mr. Goodman will be stopping by my blog for an interview!  He will also be here to answer questions from you, my dear readers!  

I cannot wait to read this book with my little ones!   

Check back soon, for my review of Flightless Goose. 

Songs for my kids

Have you ever heard a song, and instantly you think of your child?  I have a song for each of my kids, and I though I'd share them with you. 

For Emily it's Heaven by Live. It came out in 2003, when Emily was 3 and it has stuck with me all these years. 

I don't need no one, to tell me about heaven, I look at my daughter and I believe...

My favorite line in the song:

I'll be right by your side
come hell or water high
down any road you choose to roam

Noah's is I Just Call You Mine by Martina McBride.

Cause everyone that sees you, always wants to know you, and everyone that knows you, always has a smile...

My favorite line in the song:

You're a standing ovation
after years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine

For Ellie it's Belongs to You by Emerson Drive.

Every smile that lights my face, every teardrop, every trace, every secret hidden place, belongs to you...

My favorite line from the song:

Anything that's good in me
all I ever hope to be
every drop of every dream
belongs to you

Do you have any special songs that make you think of your children? Do share!

Oatmeal Banana Walnut Cookies!

I had a burst of energy this morning, and some ripe bananas.  So I whipped out some cookies. 

They are super soft, almost cake-like compared to a chewy cookie.  My family gave them 5 stars, and I had to wrestle a few one away from Noah while they were cooling. 

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. 

Stir up in a bowl, then set aside:
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon cinnamon

Cream together until light and fluffy:

3/4 cup butter and
1 cup brown sugar
Then add:
1 egg
1 cup mashed banana
1 3/4 cup quick cooking oats
1/2 cup chopped nuts.  (I had some in the freezer that were ground pretty fine, I used those up) 
Mix Well!

Add dry ingredients, mix well.

Drop by rounded teaspoons on cookie sheet. 

Bake 8 minutes, or till they start to get golden.


We are celebrating new life in this house. A pair of Cardinals has nested in our rosebush, and they welcomed some babies this weekend. When you walk past you can hear the quiet straining of new lungs, tiny musical peeps coming from the bush. We dare not disturb them, as we do not want to accidently knock the nest down.

 As spring is known for new birth and rebirth, I am starting to feel better after battling this virus, but I feel as weak as one of the newborn birds in the nest. I am hoping to awake tomorrow with a renewed sense of self. I am ready to attack the dust bunnies and laundry that has piled up this week.

What I am looking forward to the most are my kids. We’ve been in the same house, but miles apart. Through a fog of fever and fatigue I fed, dressed, and halfheartedly played with my darlings until Daddy got home. Then I went to bed, every day, for five days. I miss them terribly.

God took pity on me, and blessed me with well-behaved children these last few days. Noah made me tear up more than once, when he would put his hands on my cheeks and look in my eyes, “mommy not feel good? Aww, poor mommy is sick. You need to go to the doctor? Aww, my poor sick mommy.”

My children and husband have such beautiful souls. Bob and Emily stepped up and took over, never once complaining. It’s funny to me as a mom, to want to, but cannot. To let others do in my stead. It has given me a thankful heart, to start this week with. It has made me to remember to be thoughtful when others are sick, to be gracious for help when it presents itself. As in, the form of my dad and cousin, come to rescue me the other day. They took the kids out to play and off to bed I went. They were my heroes that day. I can’t remember if I thanked them before I zombie walked off to my bed.

I think we forget sometimes, in the rush of our days, to be thankful for the little things that others do for us. I am going to be more mindful of those moments, and give more thanks and praise. Amen!

Book Review - The Seraph Seal

The Seraph Seal, set in 2048, is a collision of religion, symbolism, science, good, evil, black arts, and natural disasters. Historian Paul Binder receives a summons, in the form of a mysterious note left on a dashboard, after an unexplainable car accident. Paul ends up in London. There he teams up with a manuscript specialist, Angela Matthews Krall.  They must work together to uncover the secrets hidden in an ancient text.  The Apocalypse is nigh, will there be a new future, or total destruction?

The Seraph Seal is an extremely high paced book made up of short chapters.  By no means is it an easy read, though. Characters are introduced constantly, drop off suddenly, some are never mentioned again. The story is here, there, and everywhere.  You need to have good concentration, and a good memory when you delve into this. I was generally pleased with this novel, while I wish it had more focus, it was a good read.  It had an interesting, and at times, thought provoking premise.

I would recommend this book for those of you who enjoy apocalyptic fiction and or/ Leonard Sweet.

I received this book free from the publisher through BookSneeze®.com. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.