What We Have

This pretty much sums up our weekend:

There are times when you look around at the utter chaos that is your home and think, this is life.
I was so busy rocking baby dolls, driving cars, being a dinosaur, and praising crayon scribbles I forgot to worry about the crumbs in the kitchen. 

As I thumb tacked dinosaur posters bought at a library book sale all over my son's bedroom today, I watched his eyes dance in delight.  Not fancy decorating, but he thinks they are amazing. 

There is the choice, do the dishes or help Ellie swaddle her baby in a blanket?  To tickle feet,to fold some clothes,  to take an afternoon nap with a little warm body pressed into my back?

I always choose a nap!

So we have fingerprints and dustbunnies, stains and crayon on the walls.  We also have blocks to build and play-doh to shape.

The house looks lived in-because we live in it.  We play, and sleep, and eat, and toss into piles, and forget, and get to it eventually.  We have what is that stain and how the hell did they get a pen and mommy can I sleep with your blanket?

We have old sheets, and questionable wallpaper. We have old carpet and ugly cabinets.  We have mismatched furniture and secondhand couches. 

But we have so much more than our stuff.

We have love...oh so much love. 

We have trusting eyes and wide smiles.  We have little bow legs following us down the hall, we have one more kiss before bed, tiny arms wrapped around our neck.  We have one more peek before we lay down for the night, closed eyes and even breathing our cue to finally rest. 

We have prayers as we lay, thanking God for more love than we ever dreamed of.

We get to wake up and do it all again tomorrow.


  1. I adore this post!!! Sounds like you have the perfect life!! We have more avant garde carpet desings and furniture that has seen it's share of crazy family days as well, but I too wouldn't trade it for the world!! Happy Monday dear friend!!

  2. Wait just a minute, you're writing about me right? This is totally my house and my family. You must have a spy here in my house. Seriously. ;)

  3. I dont think youre going to get any shit comments for this one lin

  4. A beautiful expression of the dearest sentiments!

  5. Wonderful post Lindsey! I love this so much!! It's the people in our lives not the things that matter! :-)

    Many Blessings,


  6. what a great post!!!!!!!! =)
    Stopping in with Newsday Tuesday, now following
    Pamela@ http://anoterote.blogspot.com/2011/08/pams-playhouse.html


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