11 signs you have an 11 year old.

1. Your name has  gone from Mommy to MooooOoOOoooom.

2. The big, clunky plastic necklaces and bracelets are being replaced by more sophisticated items, such as Justin Beiber dog tags and earrings that look like cupcakes and zippers.

3. Everything they wear is a blinding neon color, which causes headache and temporary blindness when you look at them before you 've had your coffee.

4. While out in public, they want to carry your car keys/cell phone or other paraphernalia because they think will fool others around them into thinking they are at least 16.

5. They are willing their boobs and feet to grow.  Neither is moving fast enough for their liking.

6. You start hearing things like "but why can't I have a Facebook page/cell phone/pet unicorn all my friends do" with alarming frequency.

7. They know where babies come from, so now you have gone from a beautiful glittering fairy mommy who magically became pregnant with their siblings to someone...kind of gross.

8. Their palates have become far too sophisticated for the children's menu.

9. You can't listen to Prince while they are in the car with you, they start asking questions. "What does a horse in your pocket mean?"

10. They beg you to let them shave their legs, but you have to almost force them to brush their teeth and wash themselves. 

11. They are starting to realize that you are a drooling moron and they are a freaking genius. Of course.


  1. This made me crack up!!! So this is what I have to look forward to. LOL!

  2. Way too funny! Thankfully I don't buy neon clothes...lol Another thing, is that they want to wear makeup too! My 11 year old dd is asking for makeup on occasion, but I know it will be more often soon enough.

  3. Great post!!! Way to funny and way too true!! Even though my 12 is a boy, it's not that different, except instead of wanting boobs to grow they want to get taller and have their voice change "already"!!! Fun, fun times!!!

  4. I am haggling you. Haggle, haggle

  5. This is funny. I don't have an 11 year old yet, but I will someday. Found on MBC, now following.
    Stop by my blog too please.


  6. Funny! I could add some slight variations for an 11 year old boy...mostly having to do with body parts and functions...thanks - I'm a new follower-check out my blog sometime, too!

  7. I could relate to all but number 10 had be totally LOL!

  8. Wait until 12. You wouldn't believe how much all that stuff multiplies. My two biggest pet peeves on this list are the mom knows nothing and I know all sort of attitude and the but all my friends have FB. I'm 8 months away from having to give my preteen a FB because unless FB changes their TOS she can have one according to FB. Who's with me on getting FB to change the age a child can use them?

  9. mom2natnkatncj-I'm with you! Who is FB to dictate when our children can have a page?! 13 is what they say now, correct?
    And Lindsay-wonderful post! It just gets better & better (said with a tight smile!) My, almost, 13 yr old goes back & forth, sweet & nice to her brother (22 mos) one minute & annoyed/talking nasty to him the next. And if I hear "I KNOOOOOOW!" one more time, I may rip the childs face off! Just kidding of course but it is tempting some days!!!

  10. Ah ha ha, so true! I esp like # 10! I have an 11 year old girl and a 12 year old girl. Go figure. (No wonder I have about 1 billion times more gray hairs today than I did JUST YESTERDAY! Ha.) Love your blog! So cool!
    --Ang (new follower :-))


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