Real Mommy Awards

So, I was awarded the Blog on Fire award yesterday. 


Because I'm awesome, that's why!


Anyway, I love that we're able to award and recognize our fellow bloggers whom we like and admire. 

What we need are some real life awards!  To, y'know, make us feel special, and to help us refrain from banging our heads on the wall.

I've created a few awards, and I pass these bad boys on to any mama who can relate. 

Cheers to real life!

Happy Friday!


  1. These are perfect!!!! Just great!! I don't want to admit that I too could qaulify for these awards. As happy as I am that I qaulify because I love my children I am ready to get an award for sexiest mommy or best handbag, or cutest walk!!! You get the idea!!! Love you!!!

  2. Laughing so hard right now! Thank you! I've gotten a few blog awards, and you are right, we need these real life awards! LOL. So glad I found this on Bloggy Moms!

  3. Oh the 3rd one is our life right now with a 2 year old! We hardly ever wake up in the same bed anymore b/c one of us gets tired of getting kicked & goes to the guest room!

  4. Haha, LOVE these awards. I'm def relating to all those right now w/a new baby in the house =)

  5. Laughing, and trying not to ruin my mascara! xoxo

  6. I'm pretty sure I qualify for all of those awards (or at least I know someone who does...)

  7. Awesome LOL I needed to laugh today, thank you!!

    Stopping by from voiceBoks, have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Those are great!!! -Bambilina


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