Bad Mommy!

When my little man gets mad at someone, he will tell them to "leave this house right now!"

Tonight, we were doing our bedtime dance, y'know:

Run after kids, capture whichever one falls over a toy first
Get off old diaper and clothes
Chase now naked child around the house
Attempt to diaper which ever child you can grab
Get kicked in the gut and/or boob area
Wrestle diaper onto spinning, writhing, hysterically laughing child
Have husband wipe sweat from your brow
Get one child diapered and pajama-d
Get other child diapered and pajama-d
Turn around to see first child has removed all clothing and diaper
Chase naked child through the house

And so on and so forth.

After we had duct taped the children into their jammies and got Ellie nestled into her crib for the night it was Noah's turn.

Noah was not pleased.

He screamed for me to "GET OUT!"

So I did.  I walked out the front door.  For about two seconds, which was the opposite of what I should have done, which was sit there and let him bitch me out.

There was wailing, followed by ten minutes of me reassuring him I wasn't leaving him.  Then he wanted Daddy. who had to also take time to convince Noah no one was leaving.  He then got my traumatized son into bed, who started wailing for me again.

Bob calls, "get in here and fix this before his head explodes"

A few more minutes of kisses, hugs, reassurances, and raspberries on the belly and he was back to normal.

Note to self, don't do that again, dumbass.

Mommy did an oopsey...

Guess Noah getting upset when I walked out the door is better than him yelling, "and stay out, you dumb bitch!"


  1. Glad it ended alright. Ya..I did something similar too when my son was throw tanturm


  2. Your bedtime routine sounds very much like my house. Talk about 'bad mommy' I put a movie on for the kids to fall asleep to- this way I avoid all bitching and tantrums.

    We make good of our daughter's (she is 3 1/2) threats all the time- once we give her a dose of what she is asking for she realizes maybe she dosen't mean what she is saying.

    Hopefully you have the same result.

  3. Swearing was not a part of our families vocabulary, so when the kids had had it with Mom, they had to figure out a different way of being exasperated with
    I must admit, there were a few times when we were all ready to shoot off what ever words came to mind!

  4. I'm smiling after reading this post. I don't know why I'm smiling, but I am. I love you, you know that. Why am I smiling?

  5. Sounds like quite an adventure! ;-) We all have those mommy moments! I slipped the other day and told the girls I was going to get in the car by myself and drive far far away! LOL Gotta love summer...brings out the best in us when they're home all day! LOL Hope bed time is better tonight!


  6. Oh my, totally me again. I'm glad I found your blog. Now I feel right at home. :)


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