Run, Baby, Run.

I'm attempting to teach Noah to listen and come to me when I ask him to, as in, i'm tired of chasing his little booty through the house.  So, this was pretty much my day.

This morning:

Me: Noah did you poop?

Noah: No, I just pee.

Me: It sure smells like you pooped.

Noah: Yeah, I pooped mommy.

Me: Ok, come here so mama can change your dipe.

Noah: ............

Me:  Noah!  Come here so I can change you.

Noah: ..........

Me: Noah!

Noah:  What?

Me: Come here so I can change you.

Noah takes off running...cue chase scene

A little later:

Me: It's time for lunch!

Noah: Yay lunch! I hungry mommy!

Me: I know baby, come here so I can put you in your chair.

Noah takes off running...cue chase scene. 

And so on and so forth.  All day, everyday. So far my attempt at getting him to not run away from me is failing miserably.  Go me!  

Most used phrases today:

Noah stop.
Noah please don't.
Noah, seriously, don't.
Noah get off your sister.
Noah, don't hit hit your sister.
Ellie, don't hit your brother.
Ellie, quit touching the TV.
Ellie, seriously, quit touching the TV.
Noah, get your hands out of your diaper.
Did one of you poop, again??
Quit spitting.
Both of you, quit spitting!

...Mommy needs a nap...


  1. LOL, that sounds like a day here. And then your husband wants to know why you're so tired at the end of the day

  2. I wish I could tell you it gets better when they get older! Lol! I was always frustrated that I never lost weight from all the running around I would do. Great post!

  3. That sounds exactly like all the phrases used in my house for my oldest. (My youngest is 1 so she only gets the no-no."

  4. Wow. Sounds like I'm gonna have my hands full once our guy can walk, talk, and run. OH, and spit. I'd better catch a nap now while I can. I love reading moms that are ahead of me - then I get scared! LOL.


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