Let's hear it for the boy...

I love my husband.  Do you want to know why?  No, not really?  Well, too damn bad it's my blog and i'll post what I want!  Time for a list!  

10 reasons I love my husband:

1. He has worked at the same yucky, thankless job for the last 9 years, re-treading semi tires.  His hands hurt, his arches are collapsing, he throws his back out at least twice a year, he is covered in rubber dust and tire paint. He's only had a few raises, has crappy pay, and his job was hit really bad by the economy. But, he gets up every day and goes to work.  He works his ass off so I can stay home with the kids, and he never complains. 

2. He loves me, anxiety/depression problems and all.  He doesn't understand what it feels like, but he's trying. 

3. He tucked me into bed today for a nap, and then made me a grilled cheese for supper.  I upped my meds a little bit, and am feeling kind of yucky.  He takes care of me, with a kiss on the forehead, and an I love you.

4. He is the definition of the words "family man"  He lives and breathes his kids and wife.  He doesn't go out drinking with his friends, he doesn't leave to me to do all the work.  He is the bath giver, he takes the kids out to play, and he is a champion diaper changer.

5. He rubs my feet all the time.  I'm not kidding. 

6. He will go shopping with me and not complain.  He also tries to get me to buy things, when I refuse.  It's like he wants me to spend money for some reason...

7. He's my best friend.  He has been the truest, most wonderful friend to me.

8. He is incredibly quiet, yet never complains when I chatter on and on.

9. He gave me my children, all three of them. He did everything he could to get Em out of the life she had with her mom, then blessed me with our babies.  

10. He loves taking the kids to the zoo, to the park, to the toy store, to dinner.  It's all of us, all the time.  He makes sure we have the camera, he remembers to pack enough diapers, snacks, drinks. 
He is the calm in the storm, he is the eye in the middle of Hurricane Lindsay.  He knows all these ups and downs with my medicine, trying to get the dose right, is so I can be the best mom and wife for my family.  He doesn't judge me, or make me feel guilty for not feeling well.  He is in this with me, no matter what.  There's a lot to be said about a man who loves his family as much as mine loves his. 

Don't get me wrong, he's addicted to his PSP, snores really loud (like right now, next to me...I want to hit him), and ruins all our sheets with the rubber that sticks on his body even after he showers.  But, he told me he thought he was in love with me two weeks after we started dating (even though he refuses to admit it now!) and has told me every single day, without fail, no matter if we are mad at each other, or anything else, that he loves me.  That's why I love my husband. 


  1. What a great post! And great pictures! You have a great husband because you are such a good wife, like begets like! I'm jealous over the foot rubs, that's a good one, but, other than that I was lucky enough to marry my best friend too! Hope you feel better soon. Have a great night!

  2. How great!! It's always nice to hear about how much other people love their spouses instead of all the usual grumbling we do, yk?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful man. You are blessed, the good ones are hard to find...I feel blessed to have found mine too. :-) Love the wedding pic!


  4. Oh, he sounds like great stuff, even with the rubber sheets! I have a great one too, but he always want me to STOP spending money. I love the wedding picture too. :)

  5. Thanks for the great comments! I think he's pretty damn great, so I thought i'd throw out some love, even though he doesn't read my blog! lol

  6. That's quite a Man that you've got there lady! I ♥ this post! Can I share some blog love & feature this on a post on my Happy Wife, Happy Life blog? LOL, no pressure though :) Maybe hubby's can take a hint from your guy!

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