I Am Mommy.

I'm watching the sun go down, the last little bit of light illuminating the tree across the street.  It's huge, lush, and green.  Old.  Storied.  

Sitting here earlier, comparing my hand to my daughters.  The back of her hand is smooth, unblemished.  Mine shows twenty nine years of life, a little scar here, a little cut there.  Her hands have no story to them yet, but her hands are a part of my story.

Some days I wonder how I got here, to this part of my life.  Walking the house at night, checking for locked doors, turning lights down, throwing that last load of laundry in.  Peeking in at a sleeping child, seeing pursed lips and a calm brow. 

I relish the moment I can slide into bed, let my body relax.  It's the only part of my day where the decisions I make are for me only.  Book or TV? 

I'll wake up tomorrow and start another day.  I love the morning, warm babies curled into me.  Watching them blink away their sleep, and give me drowsy smiles. 

Our movements have become almost choreographed, clothes, teeth, cartoons, playing.  Shall we bake, play with play-doh?  Go outside, read stories, color, paint?  Juice, water, lunch, nap, tears, hugs, kisses.  All that I am is what my children have made me, through these blessed years. 

I am mommy.  I am wife. Occasionally I am also daughter, sister, niece, friend. Through it all, I am still mommy.  I may travel inside myself, I may lose myself in anxiety, or depression.  I may lose myself in a book, or a recipe.  I may lose myself in tiredness, or disappointment. It is all but for a moment, for above all, I am still mommy.  

It is their sticky fingers and sweet kisses.  Their constant need for me, a need I treasure.  It is their I love yous and their little movements I know by heart. There is nothing that could sway me to leave this house everyday.  

Who but I can teach them, who but I am there to hold them when they cry?  They are a part of me, when they hurt, it cuts into my soul.  There is nothing that affects me as much as my child's cry. 

There is no sun anymore, my day is over.  I can walk through the house, and do my duties.  I can rest my head once I know everyone is asleep, everything is done.  A mother, she carries the burdens of her family, because she is able.  I carry them in my heart, every bit of me and my family, entwined.  They are mine, as I am theirs.  I am mommy.  


  1. The nice thing about being a mommy is that once a mommy always a mommy. The name may change for them (mom, Vickie or whatever) but deep inside you it is always mommy, and may I say that once again I am proud to say that I am your mommy!!

  2. This was a beautiful post. Your words make me realize I need to stop and relish these moments. They'll be grown all too soon.

  3. With all of the tedious things we mommies do sometimes, you make the journey that is motherhood sound absolutely amazing! Following you now from MBC!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  4. Great post! I love reading about other mommies!! Following you from MBC!

    Please check out my blog to read about my Ellie! :-)


  5. I absolutely love this post. I thank my mom for every act of greatness. And I love how you said when the kid hurt it hurts your soul. It is very true, one can not function correctly without a great mom.

    Thanks for being a great mom!

  6. I felt very calm after reading this. It's heartwarming. Thanks.


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